JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA. (THECOUNT) — Dr Katy Williams, from Baltimore, Maryland, and her three-year-old son, Finn, are recovering in a Johannesburg, South Africa hospital, following a vicious giraffe attack.

Williams, 35, and her son were trampled by a giraffe in a wildlife reserve 150 yards from their home on the Blyde Wildlife Estate. The boy required life-saving brain surgery and remained in a coma for 13 days until recently regaining consciousness, say doctors.


The pair are recovering in intensive care at the Busamed Modderfontein Hospital near Johannesburg, South Africa.

Father, Dr Sam Williams, 36, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, has been keeping bedside vigils since the brutal September 3 attack.

Family lawyer Marina Botha confirmed the good news: ‘Finn is still sedated but he is beginning to wake up.

“He is breathing on his own and is beginning to wake up after 13 days in a coma, said officials, Finn had an emergency operation immediately to release pressure on his brain while his mother had surgery the next day and regained consciousness five days ago.

“As his sedatives are reduced and he starts to regain consciousness his medical team expect to get further indications of the severity of his injuries. We can confirm that he is breathing independently and we hope to have more information in the near future” she said. source

The lawyer added: ‘Katy’s recovery is going well and her condition is improving daily.

It is thought the giraffe had been spooked and was protecting her calf but it attacked the young mum and her son and the 15-foot-tall giraffe trampled them both underhoof.

The lawyer confirmed the giraffe that carried out that attack is being moved to another reserve and will not be destroyed.