PATTISON, TX. (THECOUNT) — Texas officials say a SWAT team member shot and killed a Pattison man in his own residence after conducting a raid at the wrong address.

Mickey Coy of Pattison, a popular local landscaper, was shot dead in his home by Waller County SWAT who later admitted he was not the target of the investigation.


LeNae Schulz, Coy’s best friend, said she was still in shock over the killing.

Records show investigators conducted the raid at the address in an effort to seize evidence connected to an active investigation, but Coy was found not to be related to the case.

“It was devastating because he was such a kind, generous, wonderful man and I’ve known him for 22 years,” Schulz said. “He’s been my best friend for 22 years and so it’s really hard to hear about it.”

Authorities said a SWAT team forced entry into Coy’s home Wednesday at 5:30 a.m. Investigators said Coy pointed his gun at a SWAT team member and that member opened fire killing him.

“From what we have learned it appears he was not the target of the search warrant,” said Glenn Smith, Waller County’s sheriff on Thursday.

Another friend of Coy’s told local reporters that his girlfriend told a different story.

“All they heard was loud banging, banging, banging and then they flew through the door,” said Lisa Lennox, a longtime friend and employee of Coy. “And (Coy) was walking out of the bedroom with his, you know he had a gun in his hand, and he said, ‘Call the police, call the police.’ And then he was shot.” source

Friends question why the operation turned deadly.

“Come to find out it was all about something on a computer?” Lennox said. “And why in the world would they need a SWAT team there and bust down a door?”

On Wednesday, a grand jury will investigate the officer-involved shooting.