Damon Middleton has been named as the South Carolina man found shot dead in a wrecked vehicle in North Charleston Thursday afternoon.

Middleton’s mother is speaking out on Facebook telling those who have posted video of her eldest son’s death scene to remove the video ASAP.


Tameka QueenTalk Diamondsouthent Middleton via Facebook:

Please I am asking anyone that has live video footage of my son on the ground, or the crime scene period please take it down! I can’t function, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t think straight! That’s my boy, my oldest boy! He can’t stand it if I get mad at him! Please take it down! I am trying to breathe!

Middleton, 23, was found to be suffering from gunshot wounds, according to the Charleston County Deputy Coroner.

North Charleston police officials say they found Middleton shot dead in a vehicle in the area of Dorchester Road & West Surrey Drive.

According to police, Middleton was found inside of the car that crashed at the intersection. source

Middleton was pronounced dead at the scene.