Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley has been identified as the 25-year-old Texas man arrested Friday after allegedly posing for months as a would-be high school basketball star.

Gilstrap-Portley aka Hillcrest High School student “Rashun Richardson,” of Mesquite, Texas, was charged with tampering with government records after he enrolled at two Dallas, Texas, schools as a 17-year-old, spokesperson for the Dallas Independent School District told PEOPLE.


In addition to reliving his glory days, Gilstrap-Portley also dated a 14-year-old girl during his stint at the school.

He was booked into the Dallas County Jail and posted bond, according to the Dallas Morning News. An attorney for him was not listed.

Gilstrap-Portley had deceived school administrators following Hurricane Harvey using the fact that the storm laid waste to homes and schools to his advantage when he enrolled at Hillcrest High School in October 2017, Harris says.

His reason? An alleged desire to reinvent himself as a basketball star on the school’s team. He succeeded in playing on the team until a former coach of his during his actual high school days spotted him at a tournament the weekend of April 27.

“We have kind of looked at this as a perfect storm as it became a very complex story toward this individual who posed as a student,” says Harris.

Gilstrap-Portley enrolled first at Skyline High School before he was transferred to Hillcrest High School as a Hurricane Harvey evacuee.