Ruth Baggetta and her husband, Nicodemo Baggetta, a husband and wife, from Greenfield Township, PA., are facing criminal charges related to institutional child sexual abuse.

The couple are employed as teachers in Lackawanna County, reports say.


According to court documents, Ruth Baggetta and her husband, Nicodemo Baggetta, allegedly had inappropriate sexual contact with an underage female student for several years. Ruth is a music teacher and band director at Lakeland Junior/Senior High School. source

Nicodemo is employed at Fell Charter School.

Police say Nicodemo gained the trust of a 16-year-old female student and her parents in 2015. According to authorities, the couple would take the student out to dinner and buy her expensive gifts. The teen would regularly spend time with the couple, which led to allegedly kissing and groping with Nicodemo. Police say the duo also provided the teen with alcohol and marijuana on several occasions.

The female teen told police that she had sexual contact with Nicodemo more than 20 times.

Authorities say the wife supported the relationship and later participated in sexual acts.

Ruth and Nicodemo have been charged with institutional sexual assault, corruption of minors and endangering the welfare of children. Ruth is also charged with failure to report child abuse.

The couple was suspended with pay March 20.

The couple is expected back in court next week.