HANOVER, IN. (THECOUNT) — A Hanover, Indiana man has been reunited with his biological daughter after putting her up for adoption almost four decades ago.

Nearly forty years ago, Jerry Miller‘s life was turned upside down after receiving a daunting diagnosis. He needed surgery for a brain aneurysm and would probably not survive the operation or live the rest of his life in a vegetative state.


Miller and his then-wife were faced with an agonising decision.

17 years old, about to give birth and now facing being widowed, together the couple made the heartbreaking decision to put the baby girl up for adoption.

But low and behold, Miller ended up shocking doctors by fully recovering from his surgery. It was then he made himself a pact to never stop trying to locate his daughter.

The last time the proud dad says he saw his daughter was when he held the infant in the family viewing area of the hospital.

Flash forward to today, an awesome update comes from Miller’s Facebook after he posted a photo of him begging users to help him try “one last time,” to located his lost loved one.

It helped that Miller’s current wife gave him the ultimatum to either drop the search and cheer up or pack his bags and get out. Well maybe it didn’t go down exactly that way, but like the happy reunion, we may never know all the details because Miller, his newfound daughter and the rest of his family are requesting privacy.

Either way, it’s safe to say the family enjoyed a wonderful reunion with the baby – that is now a woman.

This is the caption Miller posted on Facebook along with the desperate photo:

Looking for my daughter born December 4th or 5th 1978 in Covington Ky. at St. Elizabeth Hospital. I have never stopped looking! Adoption records are sealed. Birth father Jerry Miller (and) birth mother Kathy Kabich (unsure of spelling). I had a brain aneurysm shortly after you were born and wasn’t expected to live. You were adopted out while I was very sick. I just want you to know I have never forgotten. source