Oprah Winfrey was pictured via her Facebook wading in the massive deviation that was once an ultra-affluent Santa Barbara neighborhood.

Without notice, the deadly mudslides struck the wealthy Southern California enclave which sits northwest of Los Angeles and houses about 9,000 elite humans.


While Winfrey’s home appears to have for the most part weathered the mudslides, some were not so lucky. News helicopters showed dozens of devastated seaside mansions, some reduced to a pile of sticks.

“What a day!” Winfrey said. “Praying for our community again in Santa Barbara.”source

O shared photos of the deep mud in her backyard and video of rescue helicopters hovering over her house which is located near the estates of Rob Lowe and Ellen DeGeneres.

As of Wednesday, at least 15 people are reported dead and another 24 other people are listed as “unaccounted.” News helicopters showed rescue crews as they frantically searched for anyone trapped, injured or dead in the onslaught of mud and debris that upended homes and swept away cars.