A bear and her two cubs were sentenced to death by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers Friday after two hikers were “charged at” while on a trail in Jefferson County.

The hikers and their two dogs were unharmed in the incident that took place at around 6:15 p.m. It is unclear how or when the bears were captured and euthanized.


“We realize the sensitivity of citizens to young animals being put down and understand the frustration people feel,” CPW Northeast Regional Manager Mark Leslie said in a news release. “However, we would not be fulfilling our primary goal of public safety if we allow aggressive wildlife to remain on a popular trail so close to humans.” source

The bear, who was protecting her cubs but did not attack, was sprayed with bear spray by the hikers who fled behind nearby trees.

CPW is conducting a “thorough administrative review” of the events leading up to the bears being euthanized, according to the news release.