Holden Gorka has been identified as the suspect killed by police after attempting to hijack a helicopter and firing a gun at the Hillsboro airport on Monday morning.

Gorka, 25, of Olympia, will be the subject of a toxicology report that is estimated to take 60-90 days to complete.


At this time, there is no evidence that Gorka had a history of mental health issues or substance abuse, but Hillsboro police Lt. Henry Reimann said that could change as the investigation unfolds. Reimann also said investigators have not discovered any connection between Gorka and the Hillsboro Aero Academy. On Monday, Gorka climbed over a fence near Hillsboro Aero Academy and tried to steal a helicopter that was warming up for takeoff, with an Aero Academy employee and his girlfriend inside, according to Hillsboro police Lt. Henry Reimann. source

Investigators said the suspect threatened the employee with the gun and then fired a shot into the field nearby. At that point the employee and his girlfriend got out of the helicopter.