According to the incident report, the latest White House fence jumper was apprehended by Secret Service agents after being discovered dangling on the spired fence from her shoelaces.

The unidentified woman, who is listed as 38 years old, stared at The White House for an extended period of time before making the failed attempt to jump the fence Tuesday at 10:50 PM.


The Secret Service agent who was watching her lost sight for a second and the next thing he knew she had caught her shoelaces on an iron spire and dangled helplessly on the inside of the fence. Agents helped her down before arresting her to keep her from falling on her head. She had a map of the White House, although the incident report does not explain whether the map showed the interior or exterior grounds. h/t tmz

Ariana Grande attending the White House Easter egg roll in 2014. She was later nixed from another WH event after being shown on video licking a doughnut and saying she “hated America.”

The female fence jumper reportedly told arresting authorities she was there to speak to the President.

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