Animated White House counselor to President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, was caught on camera showing just how limber a 50-year-old woman can be. In the now viral snap, Conway is depicted sitting or kneeling with her legs under her on a Oval Office couch.

The photo, which was taken by pool photographer, Brendan Smialowski, shows Conway seated on a couch surrounded by Reince Priebus and representatives of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


The photo was shared on social media with a number of people stating that Conway’s posture is disrespectful not only to those around her but also to the executive mansion. Social media has been mainly partisan about the photograph, with conservatives likening it to President Barack Obama deciding not to wear a jacket in meetings after he took office in 2009, reports the Washington Post. Other images from the Obama presidency also show the former president with his feet up on the Resolute desk in the Oval Office. h/t heavy

What do you think? Much to do about nothing?