Egyptian judo fighter, Islam El Shehaby, awkwardly refused to shake the hand of his Israeli opponent, Or Sasson, after losing his match Friday at the Rio Olympics.

After completing a match winning 2nd takedown, Sasson went in for a customary hand shake, but was sourly snubbed by El Shehaby. Boos could be heard echoing from those in attendance.


Sasson beats Egyptian Islam El Shehaby hand shake

After the match, Sasson approached El Shehaby to shake his hand — customary in Judo matches — but El Shehaby refused. People in the crowd reportedly booed.It’s unclear why El Shehaby refused the handshake — he could have been pissed from losing — but there are reports that it was more politically motivated. h/t tmz

judo olympics hand shake snub

Some Egyptians had rallied for El Shehaby to withdraw from the fight to avoid having to compete with an Israeli opponent.