Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, is getting rightfully roasted on Twitter after offering his half-baked solution to ending mass shootings like the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, “Ban automatic weapons.”

Many on Twitter are pointing out that MacFarlane’s suggestion contains one small flaw, Americans have already been banned from purchasing “automatic” firearms for decades.



Seth MacFarlane @SethMacFarlane
“These shootings are a regular occurrence. You don’t get to be “shocked” anymore unless you take action to stop them. Ban automatic weapons.”

Seth MacFarlane gun control tweet

Twitter was quick to correct the millionaire funny man:

David Kahane @dkahanerules
@SethMacFarlane Fully automatic weapons already are banned, Seth.

Travis Amo @travis_john78
@SethMacFarlane Automatic weapons are already banned. Why are hollywood liberals so willfully ignorant?

Bob Owens @bob_owens
@SethMacFarlane Automatic weapons were not used in #Orlando. Only two legally owned automatic weapons have been used in murders since 1934.

Travis Amo @travis_john78
@syedmahmood @SethMacFarlane An AR 15 is not an automatic weapon. You can’t even get simple things right.

David Martosko @dmartosko
@SethMacFarlane brilliant. Wait — automatic weapons are already banned.

TommyD @KneelB4Zodd
@SethMacFarlane Hell, why not ban murder??

Doc Thompson @DocThompsonShow
@SethMacFarlane Try doing some research!
Automatic weapons have been illegal since 1934!#Hoplophobe

Rocky Coast @Rocky4President
@SethMacFarlane For someone with your tremendous talent, you are sure willfully ignorant.

Seth, who was paying attention, quipped back:

Seth MacFarlane @SethMacFarlane
RT @JIMDETHOMAS: @SethMacFarlane should’ve banned planes after 9/11. // A plane’s primary function is not to kill. Get the difference?

Seth MacFarlane @SethMacFarlane
Man. Twitter responses to all this on my feed are enough to send the even cheeriest soul into a deep depression.

MacFarlane comically confused semi-automatic firearms such as the AR-15 with fully-automatic weapons which have already been banned way a back in 1934.

H/t ijreview