Danny Lee Jarvis and Cory Daniel Conner have been charged with murder in the death of Dora AL., teen Nicholas Hawkins.

The pair were arrested and booked into jail on bonds of $250,000 Friday. Hawkins, 19, was found dead in the Quinton area Feb. 16. A movie for the killing has not yet been provided.


Nicholas Hawkins dead

Hawkins was reported missing last week. His vehicle was found at a Dora home on Sunday, Feb. 14. Relatives said that the body was found near a house on K D Byrd Station Road, which is also known as a dumping spot. Sheriff Jim Underwood said an investigator found the body. He added that Hawkins’ family said they thought they had seen his car near the area and investigators checked a number of side roads and known dumping spots. Hawkins’ body was found buried under brush and debris. Because the body was wrapped in a number of blankets and other items Underwood says they didn’t unwrap the body to persevere any possible evidence. h/t wbrc

Nicholas Hawkins crime scene

Family members told authorities that Hawkins said someone was trying to harm him before he disappeared.