Danielle Jacobs, aka Kayden Clarke, the subject of a viral video that depicted her dog calming her down during an Asperger’s meltdown, was shot and killed by Arizona police.

A transgender man, Jacobs, 24, gained viral fame last year after uploading a video showing her service dog’s calming actions during a meltdown.


Danielle Jacobs Asperger’s meltdown

A pair of officers tried to talk to Clarke through an open doorway as a third officer retrieved a “less-than-lethal option,” a Mesa police spokesman said Friday, according to video uploaded by the Republic. Clarke came to the door with a large kitchen knife in hand, said the spokesman, who referred to Clarke as a woman. “She lunged, extending the knife towards the officers from a very close distance,” Detective Esteban Flores said. “The officers felt threatened at that point,” and so they shot him. Clarke was taken to a hospital but did not survive, the Republic reported. Both officers — who reportedly also had stun guns are on administrative leave. h/t washingtonpost

Kayden Clarke Asperger’s meltdown

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Clarke’s family and friends at this difficult time.