Donald Trump‘s hair, by itself, is an enigma.. The wind-defying blond mane of the presidential frontrunner has been the subject of countless trivial news stories. But what  exactly creates his invincible hairdo steadfastness?

Trump has in the past admitted to using a little “hair support” in the form of hairspray, but what brand dare sit atop the crown of GOP’s top candidate? Look no further than Amazon and do a quick search for CHI’s Helmet Head.


what brand of hairspray donald trump

“He uses a weird bottle of hairspray. He tried to give it to me once, as a friend.It’s bigger than the biggest can of beer,” a former political adviser told the New York Post. Meanwhile, someone who worked on the Miss Universe pageant with Trump is putting money on the specific product being CHI’s Helmet Head (“Donald loved the smell”). h/t glamour

trump hair

Through it all, the politician and mega-businessman has been adamant that it’s all his real hair. Trump even invited a woman on-stage at a recent event to inspect his locks.

One Amazon reviewer sang the spray’s praises, putting it this way:

By M. Grannon on February 24, 2011
This hairspray is the best out there for fine hard to hold styles. It truly will make your hair like a helmet, its not going to move. But, at the same time it still looks good. Not for the person who likes a comb through hair spray. Once you spray, you are going to need to wash it if you want to comb it.