Dan Bilzerian Claims He Had Affair With Wife Of BodyBuildingCom CEO

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Dan Bilzerian has some sort of issue with the CEO of BodyBuilding.com, Ryan DeLuca. And in an effort to drop the most devastating salvo, Bilzerian claims had an affair with DeLuca’s wife. Did we mention Bilzerian has photo evidence?

Here the photo, (minus the explicit caption,) that Bilzerian posted to his Facebook.

Bilzerian DeLuca wife


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Do you buy Bilzerian on this one? Here’s a photo of Ryan and wifey Ashley Soule to help you decide.

Ashley Soule Ryan DeLuca

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  • Sean

    You corrected this to the right girl… But still have it listed as the wife. Dans post didn’t even say wife, it said “f*ed your b*tch”. Edit the title and your copy. Save yourself from some legal trouble and be the reliable source.

  • Max

    You’re going to get sued for defamation if you don’t take this story down. Bryna and Ryan are divorced and that is not her

  • Sean

    That’s Ashley with Dan, NOT BRYNA. Get the facts straight before you get slapped with a defamation of character lawsuit. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

  • Okay, thank you for that update!


    Bryn is his first wife, they split two years ago. The girl from Dan’s IG is his current girlfriend Ashley Soule from Connecticut.