A California woman has baffled doctors because she has freckles only on the right side of her body. She appeared on a recent episode of The Doctors.

Samantha, 30, of Palm Springs, Ca., has a strange freckle pattern that according to experts may actually be a type of birthmark.


woman freckles half of body

During a segment of The Doctors, Samantha was diagnosed with Speckled Lentiginous Nevus which an expert said can be cured with laser treatment. ‘It’s a very specific type of birthmark which started when you were an embryo,’ dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra told Samantha as she explained her diagnosis. ‘And the pigment cells in your neural crest, some of them actually developed a mutation or a change and as the cells migrated over, it actually affects only half the body. ‘That’s why there’s such a sharp cut off.’ h/t dailymail

woman freckles half of body the doctors

Samantha said she has been bothered by the freckle pattern because she was teased as a child.

woman freckles half of body Samantha

During the segment, Dr Batra used the PicoSure laser (shown above). For pigmented spots like Samantha’s, Dr Batra said it would probably take six treatments over six months.