Viva La Bam star and Bam Margera‘s mom, April, announced the sad news that show character, Don Vito, is in critical condition after suffering both liver and kidney failure.

Googly eyed Vito, who is April’s brother-in-law and Bam’s uncle, appeared on countless episodes of the popular MTV Jackass spinoff.


don vito viva la bam 3

D.V. collapsed at his Pennsylvania home on Tuesday and remained in a coma until Friday. While the former reality star made some phone calls from his hospital bed upon waking up, his organs continue to fail. This hospitalization is just one of the many scandals the uncle has faced over the years — in 2006 Don was convicted of fondling two 12-year-old girls at an autograph signing event. The partier didn’t face any jail time but he was sentenced to ten years of “serious probation” in addition to alcohol education classes. h/t perezhilton

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