Authorities seized dozens of crocodiles, some more than 9 feet long, from a man’s Toronto-area home. Some of the reptiles had been kept in the home for as many as 10 years. The home also housed numerous alligators and caimans. The total reptiles numbered a staggering 150.

Bry Loyst of the Indian River Reptile Zoo, was called in to help, and ultimately determined the reptiles had to be removed,


150 crocodiles, alligators rescued from Toronto-area home  4

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Loyst said Thursday on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning show. “I could not believe that somebody had that many crocodilians and raised them to adulthood. These were not baby little crocodiles,” he said. “They were adults.” h/t cbc

The man’s name is being withheld from the press. There was no indication the animals had been neglected. All 150 reptiles now reside at an animal sanctuary.