MTVRidiculousness” and “Fantasy Factory” star Chelsea ‘Chanel’ Dudley, was arrested Tuesday night after getting into a fight at popular West Hollywood hotspot, 1 Oak.

Dudley, 26, was caught on video by bystanders sloppy drunk while being arrested for allegedly assaulting club partons, security officers and police at the trendy LA club.


Chelsea Chanel Dudley arrest 1 oak 2

The video depicts Dudley slurring her words as she begs officers to let her go. At one point she she pulls the fames card to which the cops has zero sympathy. Dudley then offers something to the arresting officer in exchange for her release, to which he responds, ‘you wanna gonna go for bribery now too?’ video

Dudley also named dropped Drake and her music label, Young Money, in her desperate attempt at freedom.