Ariana Grande‘s unscripted comments in a California donut shop that were caught on a in-house security cam, are having a ripple effect from hell when it comes to the diva’s fanbase.

Grande managed in a relatively short amount of time to open her songbird mouth¬†and wreck her entire career, by not only performing an unsanitary act on a donut, but also by fat shaming and damning the¬†entire country, exclaiming, “I hate Americans. I hate America.”


Ricky Alvarez ariana grande licking donut

The blowback over the wildly insensitive comments have been so swift, the singer was forced to cancel her halftime appearance at the MLB All-Star game.

Grande also managed to prove herself a liar, by telling her fans that she was single, when in face, she’s bonking her backup dancer..

If image is everything, Grande’s image was gone in 60 seconds.. Quicker than you can eat a donut.