Dejion Roberson, the man who was recorded luring a cat off the street and then fatally punting it like a football, was found himself murdered in North Alabama.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s department stated that, Roberson, 21, was found dead at approximately 3:00 a.m. on Saturday. His death is being ruled a homicide.


Dejion Roberson cat video

The horrific video went viral after it was posted online, sharing his horrific act of animal cruelty with the world. It was later revealed that the cat died as a result of the injuries it received, resulting in an outcry from animal enthusiasts for Roberson to be found and charged with his crime. Roberson claimed he only kicked the cat because it scratched a child and he wanted to make sure the cat didn’t do it again. Authorities reported that the child had no visible wounds to show that the cat had caused injury. The cat flew nearly twenty feet through the air after being kicked like a football, causing injuries so severe that the cat could not survive them. The video shows the cat to be friendly, as it walks up to Roberson as he calls the feline over. After a few rubs on the head to gain the cat’s trust, Roberson proceeds to punt the cat through the air while the individual recording the incident laughed hysterically. Roberson then celebrated the kick with a victory dance. h/t inquisitr

It is unknown if Roberson death was a result of his animal cruelty.