A crappy warning has been issued to folks planning to attend the beach in Galveston this 4th of July weekend.. 15 popular beaches in Galveston County have water advisories over an abundance of fecal matter.

An advisory has been issued after a test site showed an elevated level of a bacterial indicator.


TX Beaches Infected With FECAL MATTER

Here’s a list of infected beaches:

Current Galveston Island beach advisories:
GAL021 – GISP #6 – Bayside
GAL034 – 60th St.
GAL036 – San Luis Resort
GAL053 – East Beach/Apffel Park #2

Current Bolivar beach advisories:
GAL058 – Retilon Road
GAL062 – O’Neil Rd.
GAL064 – Crystal Beach Road
GAL065 – Gulf Shores Drive
GAL066 – Alberdie Road – Emerald Beach #2
GAL067 – Barbados Rd
GAL068 – Gilmore Street Access
GAL069 – Center Road
GAL070 – Driftwood
GAL074 – Deens Street
GAL075 – Church street