If you’ve been looking for another reason to become a vegetarian, this story may just be it!

A woman preparing to cook a fresh cut of beef was caught off guard when she put the meat down on her counter, it began overtly moving..



Cheng Tan, bought the zombie steak from a butcher in Sushui County of East China’s Shandong Province:

“I was worried that there could have been parasites or some sort of harmful chemicals inside that was causing the twitching. I’ve never seen anything like this, so I was afraid to eat it and decided to record the video.”

The video soon went viral, causing viewers to label the slab of meat as “zombie steak” or “Frankenstein meat.” Finally, after a local media consulted food safety experts, the mystery of the twitching beef was solved.

Animal food products expert at the local health inspection institute, Lv Suwen, said:

“The meat is perfectly edible and simply very, very fresh. Because the slaughtering was very recent, the twitching is caused by nerve endings around the muscles in the cut of meat that have not yet died. It usually stops after a short while.”

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