Mountain View man, John Potter is renting a camping tent erected in his backyard for $46 a night, or roughly $900 a month through the Airbnb website.

Potter said he listed the tent on Airbnb partly as a joke, that is until the offers to occupy the tent came rolling in.


camping tent for rent Mountain View Airbnb

It’s not a prank, though John Potter, the Airbnb host putting his tent for rent, says it sort of started that way.  “I got many, many responses at $20 per night,” Potter said. He then tested out the tent for monthly rentals at $900 per month and he still gets inquiries from people who want to rent the tent out as temporary housing. h/t nbc

San Francisco has the most expensive rental market in the country. The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco jumped to $3,410.