Beards, you see them everywhere these days, but according to a new study those popular facial adornments are teaming with poop.

A favorite of lumberjacks, sailors, bikers and just about hipster in Nashville, those trendy beards are also known by microbiologists as ‘face fungus’.


Beards Really Full Of Poop

Quest Diagnostics microbiologist John Golobic decided to test just what lurked among the tangles of hair sprouting from a set of volunteers’ faces, and the results are, well, we’ll let this video explain … Pretty nasty, huh? It turns out the germs in beards are the same ones found in fecal matter. OK, so the germs aren’t in sufficient quantities to make folks ill, but it’s still pretty horrible to think our bearded bros have that kid of stuff hanging around in there. So what can you do if you’re a beardy guy who’s worried that he may be packing some poop down there? Well, the microbiologist suggest keeping your hands away from your beard as much as possible, frequently washing your hands and also washing your beard regularly. h/t BoredomBash

But before you run to find your razor, there’s also data that suggests the bacteria found in beards is also found on most other commonly used household items.

Cutting boards, cell phones, and keyboards also have more fecal bacteria than toilet seats, which microbiologists know as one of the cleanest places in a house. Since there are bacteria all around us, including the species that are also found in our digestive tracts (where, by the way, they are typically harmless), you can find “fecal” bacteria pretty much anywhere you look. h/t lifehacker