Thursday Night Football moves from CBS to the NFL Network, starting tonight..

If you have basic cable, don’t expect to see tonight NFL game.. The first eight Thursdays of the season, fans were able to view Thursday Night Football on CSB, for free, but starting tonight everything changes..


Thursday Night Football' moves from CBS to the NFL Network 3

Tonight’s Carolina Panthers versus the New Orleans Saints can be seen on only one PAY network — NFL Network — however, there is a link below to a free live stream.

The NFL explains the move this way,

In case you haven’t already sat down and tediously navigated your television provider’s virtual guide — or, if you’re stuck in 1997 and still use the old-fashioned TV Guide booklet — Thursday Night Football moves exclusively to NFL Network this week. Live from Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C., the divisional matchup will be the first of eight Thursday night games broadcast solely on NFL Network.

If you really, really want to watch and you don’t have the NFL channel, click here.