Here’s a snippet of an article from one of our favorites, Yahoo! News, in which they explain the concept, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t fail, we did. Comments?

Jennifer Lawrence


There but for the grace of celebrity go you.

Or maybe you’ve gone there already, after a sext went astray or an image sent in love ended up being used as revenge.

The leaking of private pictures — some real, some possibly fake — of undressed female celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence has been dubbed a “scandal.”

Within that word there’s the insidious suggestion that women shouldn’t pose naked, that there’s something untoward in their doing so. There isn’t.

What’s scandalous here is the apparent ease with which these photos were obtained and then disseminated. It signals a truth we’ve always known, but one we often choose to ignore.

In the digital world, anyone can get hold of things we deem very private.

To a large extent, it’s our own fault. source