New Mexico State University football coach, Chris Symington, was caught huffing compressed air in a CVS drug store bathroom. It was the second time in a four-day span.

Chris Symington,


From the Las Cruces Sun-News:

Police responded Tuesday to the CVS Pharmacy on North Main about 11:15 a.m. because Symington had locked himself in a bathroom and was huffing compressed air, the report states. He admitted to huffing when questioned by the officer.

The officer described Symington as “disoriented,” but cooperative. He issued Symington a criminal citation.

Sunday night, Symington received his first criminal citation after a different LCPD officer found him “slumped over sitting in his vehicle and apparently having seizures,” a police report states. source

Symington was hired on May 9, but has now resigned due to his huffing problem. His wife told police that they are returning to their hometown of Pueblo, Colorado, so that Symington can enter a rehab program.