Who Is Amy Kushnir? And Why Does She Hate Michael Sam?

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Amy Kushnir is the Dallas talk show panelist who got up and left the set after being berated by her fellow panelists over her disapproval of the gay kiss heard around the world.

Amy Kushnir 7


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Said Kushnir in part:

When parents do not have a choice about whether or not they want their children to see this, it is wrong…I don’t call it a moment of celebration…It’s being pushed in faces. I don’t want to see that. I don’t want to see cake in your face, kissing each other.


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  • Johnny Cook

    There is absolutely NOTHING valuable nor courageous about being a homophobic jerk. Gay people have been persecuted by religious zealots for thousands of years and those bigots always feel that they are somehow morally superior when in fact they are the ones lacking in morality and most certainly in honest character.
    Amy Kushnir is the daughter of the infamous TV preacher, Robert Tilton, a fact she has obviously tried to hide from the public. I don’t fault her for her obvious ties to fundamental religious dogma since that was forced upon her in her early formative years; however, she is now a middle-aged adult woman who has the opportunity to KNOW BETTER. My own personal credo for living a good Christian life is, “If I know better then I must do better.” This woman certainly knows better but obviously chooses to pander to the ignorant, religious bigots with her own celebrity much as her infamous father has done for decades to bilk them outa of their meager funds to enrich his wealth. It would not surprise me to see her attempt to run for public office based on this particular stunt she pulled on live TV. No doubt, she would likely have a sizable voting base here in Texas.

  • Suzanne

    When did she say that she hates Michael Sam?

  • neatjunk

    Why so hateful Amy?

  • beefrank

    Kudos to her for standing true to her principles without ‘corrupt communications’.

  • brad richmond

    she needs to stay in her Texas kitchen continuing to create her husband Mayonnaise recipes.