Rick Springfield was honored with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, Kim Kardashian, not so much..



Springfield’s star is located two blocks from the apartment he rented in Hollywood more than 40 years ago, in other words, not exactly prime real estate, but still better than Kim..

Rick Springfield On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

“To have my name on here now is very meaningful to me. That 21-year-old guy used to walk up and down here, wished one day that his name would be on the sidewalk — and not with a body print,” Springfield said as the crowd laughed.

Besides his star, Springfield has a new book out and he’s about to head back on tour with his music.

“I like to work. I’m the kind of guy that I can’t sit on a beach. Five minutes on a beach and I’m going, ‘Come on, let’s go do something.’ I wrote my book, my new book, ‘Magnificent Vibration,’ on my vacation because I can’t not do something,” said Springfield.

Springfield also returns occasionally to his old roots at “General Hospital.” His TV son attended the star ceremony to help celebrate his friend.