Derek Jeter received a bit of a start as a fan hopped from the stands and approached him asking for a hug..

Derek Jeter fan hug


The fan moved towards Jeter with his arms wide open apparently asking for a hug, and that’s when security took the man down hard..

From the Associated Press:

“His face was calm,” Jeter said. “He was saying he wanted a hug. I was thinking I wasn’t going to hug him. That was pretty much it. It happened pretty quick. I didn’t even see him until he got past the third-base line.”

New York Yankees v Milwaukee Brewers

Unlike Carlos Gomez and Brian McCann before the game, the fan did not get his hug. However, he did get tossed around a bit by security before being dragged off the field.

Jeter warned the guy he had made a big mistake.

“I told him, ‘You’re going to get in trouble,” Jeter said. “Then he repeated that he wanted a hug. I said, ‘Look out.'”

A for Effort!