Kareem Abdul Jabbar: Beotch Wheedled Him

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Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is saying out loud what a lot of other people have been thinking when it comes to whether or not Donald Sterling’s GF actually coaxed some of the racist statements from the Clippers boss.Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar-VIBE

“And now the poor guy’s girlfriend (undoubtedly ex-girlfriend now) is on tape cajoling him into revealing his racism,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote in a blog post for Time. “Man, what a winding road she led him down to get all of that out. She was like a sexy nanny playing ‘pin the fried chicken on the Sambo.’ She blindfolded him and spun him around until he was just blathering all sorts of incoherent racist sound bites that had the news media peeing themselves with glee.” source

Abdul-Jabbar went on to complain about the media’s decision to just now cover Sterling’s racism. Read more of that conversation at the link above.


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