If you take a closer look at this photo of a “tropical parrot” you may notice, (after your mind goes ‘poof‘,) the bird is really a bird! Let us explain..

The Parrot by Johannes Stoetter10.jpg


This is NOT a photo of a parrot, it’s the image of a woman who has been painted from head to toe to look like a bird! It was all part of a project by former world-champion body painter Johannes Stoetter of Italy.

“Most people’s reactions are ‘nice photo of a parrot, where did you photograph it?’ ” said Stoetter, who was crowned World Body Painting Champion in 2012.

“Even some of my closest friends who know me and my art didn’t notice that it is not a real parrot.”

The Parrot by Johannes Stoetter - Photo Daniel Stoetter5.JPGIt took four hours for the artist to transform the model using “breathable” paint. It then took another hour getting her into just the right position on a tree trunk so that she could be virtually indistinguishable from the bird.

The Parrot by Johannes Stoetter - Photo Daniel Stoetter5.JPG