FX’s new series “Fargo,” just got a big boost by casting big screen actor Billy Bob Thornton. Thornton is by far the biggest name attached to the series thus far next to Colin Hanks and Keith Carradine.



Filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen’s 1996 award winning movie of the same name was a huge success which puts all the more pressure on producers of the TV installment.

Writer/showrunner Noah Hawley had this to say,

“There’s something about the word, it evokes in people a sort of border of the wilderness,” says Hawley, who sold FX on not doing a remake but a new, self-enclosed 10-episode story that had a similar vibe, but with new characters converging in a Minnesota burg named Bemidji.


“Joel and Ethan have described the region as Siberia with family restaurants, and they’ve also discussed that polite societies are often the most violent because people don’t bend, they just break,” he says. “That’s the version of Minnesota I’m trying to stick to.” source

Thornton gives the production the added bonus of a silver screen actor, and if he does half as good as Kevin Spacey has done with House Of Cards, he’ll be okay.

What do you think? Does the Thornton casting give you any more (or less) incentive to tune-in to Fargo when it hits the small screen?