The NYC Dunkin’ Donuts location at 37th Street and 8th Avenue has some splaining to do after a video surfaced earlier this week showing a rat crawling on some donuts.

rat dunkin donuts


“The items in the video that are being besieged upon by the rats were to be sold for that mornings breakfast rush.

The events you see in videos happened at two-thirty in the morning,” he elaborated. source

The donut-fueled monster was not alone, according to the man who filmed the video. “My phone ran out of power, or I would’ve filmed the outright nine deep rat assault which followed the action above,” wrote Pjayone.

Dunkin’ Donuts corporate responded with the following statement:

“We take this matter very seriously. Immediately upon learning of the situation at the Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant at 265 West 37th Street, a certified Operations Manager inspected the restaurant to ensure that all appropriate Dunkin’ Donuts food safety standards are being followed.”

They didn’t elaborate on what the inspector found.