Father Of The Year Films Children Falling On Ice

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A father callously videotaped over five minutes, as young school children repeatedly slipped and fell on an ice covered concrete sidewalk. The entire time, the father who himself is waiting to retrieve his young daughter, can be heard giggling as he predicts which kids might next fall victim to the slippery surface.
kids falling on ice

Alan Andersen, (the genius pictured below,) was waiting to pick up his OWN daughter from school on really cold day and to make the time go faster he recorded several of her classmates as they fell on a patch of ice. Not only did he film this for almost 5 minutes, he laughed at them the whole time as he guessed which ones were going to go down.

Although he admits he had SOME guilt, but said he was only laughing with them and not at them. source


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Andersen says on his Facebook that he attended HARVARD..


Interestingly, several kid standing around the danger zone seemingly in a daze, also failed to warn their schoolmates as they rounded the corner of doom.

We gotta ask, funny guy or jackass?

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  • Dakota McGarrity

    hilarious guy! sometimes you have to stop and laugh at life. the kids were laughing too as they fell. they were also playing on the ice having a good time. you tried to make him seem like a jackass in the article. but he is just a dad laughing at something everyone was also laughing at and enjoying.