There’s a list for everything. Some lists are more attractive than others.. Here’s the top hottest female news anchors.
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Our friends over at TheSportsBank put together this list. You may notice the curious omission of several Fox News anchors who SHOULD be ranked.. Megyn Kelly didn’t even land in the honorable mention! dana-perino-the-five-cropDana Perino is also a cutie who should definitely be here but is strangely absent. Could it be this list is a bit out of date? Not like this picture of Megyn Kelly is recent.


NOTE: If you don’t see your favorite ranked, please leave the anchor’s name in the comment section below.

Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors (in reverse order):

Susan Hendricks 1

10) Susan Hendricks (Headline News/CNN) – Susan Hendricks is the first of our female news anchors. She’s with CNN and CNN Headline News based in CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta. Hendricks also appears occasionally on CNN Pipeline,’s on-demand broadband news service. Also fills-in for Robin Meade on Morning Express with Robin Meade.  Hendricks is originally from New Brunswick, New Jersey and graduated in 1991 from the Hun School of Princeton in Princeton Township, New Jersey.  Hendricks earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Arizona State University.  Hendricks pulls off a rare combination of Jersey Girl hair and California Girl looks which we find quite appealing.


9) Martha Maccallum (Fox News) – Maccallum is a news anchor on the Fox News Channel. She joined the network in 2004, and is based in the New York City bureau. Maccallum previously hostedThe Live Desk at 1:00 p.m. ET. and currently, co-hosts with Bill Hemmer on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom at 9:00 a.m. ET.  The 48-year old blonde stunner earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from St. Lawrence University. She also studied at the Circle in the Square Theater School and founded the Miranda Theater Company in New York. Prior to working as a reporter, Maccallum was an associate in corporate relations at Dow Jones and Company.  And while Maccallum has been found to exhibit some diva-esque behavior  there’s also no doubt that she certainly brings the fox in Fox News.

erin-burnettb.top8) Erin Burnett (CNN) – along with my editor, Paul M. Banks, we at TSB really value female news anchors with that great combination of stunning looks and a great deal of smarts.  After all, we like to fancy ourselves as intellectual types, not Neanderthals – and Burnett is that rare combination of both. Burnett is currently the anchor of her own news show on CNN, Erin Burnett OutFront.  She was previously the co-anchor of CNBC’s Squawk on the Street program and the host of CNBC’sStreet Signs program. Burnett has also appeared on NBC’s Meet the PressToday, MSNBC’s Morning Joe and NBC Nightly Newsas well as making occasional appearances on The Celebrity Apprentice, serving as an advisor to Donald Trump. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Burnett attended Williams College, ranked as the top liberal arts college in the U.S., where she studied political science and economics, graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in political economy. As an undergraduate, she played lacrosse and field hockey.  Burnett began her career as a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs in its investment banking division, where she worked on mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance.  And while the raven-haired stunner’s ratings have suffered , there is no doubt that she makes those stories about both politics and finance about as enticing as those subjects will garner.

Natalie Morales

7) Natalie Morales (NBC) – Morales is the News Anchor for theToday show on NBC and also appears on other programs including Rock Center with Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News.  Morales holds a bachelor of arts degree from Rutgers University with dual majors in journalism and Latin American studies and graduated Summa Cum Laude.  Following college, she worked at Chase Bank in New York before pursuing her journalism career.  People en Español named her one of its Fifty Most Beautiful People for 2007 where she came in at number 1 as she is of both Puerto Rican and Brazilian descent.  And while Today’s ratings have suffered due to the rise of ABC’s Good Morning America, Morales is one of the best reasons to remain loyal to the former morning news show king. And one of the hottest female news anchors around.


6) Lara Spencer (ABC) – Spencer brings adorability to unprecedented levels, making most of our gender actually watch her ‘From Trash to Treasure’ segments – if anything, just to gawk at her, flea market relics be damned.  Spencer is the lifestyle anchor for Good Morning America as well as a correspondent forNightline and ABC News.  Previously, she was the host of the syndicated television newsmagazine The Insider and was a regular contributor to CBS’s The Early Show.  She attended and graduated from the Pennsylvania State University on an athletic scholarship for springboard and platform diving and was a nationally ranked competitive diver. She was named an All American Athlete in 1991, her senior year.  So, let it be known, once again, that we at TSB do actually write positive features onPenn State University, when earned, which is especially the case with the adorable, athletic and stunning Ms. Spencer. One of the finest female news anchors around.
5) Courtney Friel (Fox News) – While Friel is no longer at Fox News and while her exposure on the conservative wind bag network was limited, her impact on our list was quite stark.  Currently, Friel is a reporter for KTTV in Los   Angeles, CA.  Friel covers entertainment for the Fox11 station in Los Angelesas well as for Fox News and other local stations.  Friel went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from San Diego State University.  She joined Fox News in February 2007, but it was prior to her arrival that she made her mark on the male persuasion, by modeling for Maxim and FHM magazines; however, being the killjoys that they are, Fox News required her to have the pictures taken down before joining the network.  Sorry, Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch, she had us at ‘Yowsa’.


4) Brooke Baldwin (CNN) – Baldwin is one of the more captivating news anchors, be it her stunning blue eyes, her impeccable cheekbones and porcelain skin or her skin-tight outfits, but she is far more than what meets the eye.  Baldwin graduated with a double bachelor’s degree in journalism and Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She also studied at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City during her undergraduate years. Baldwin is one of the more polished news anchors at the network, but it’s her visual appeal which places her at the top of our female news anchors list.


3) Jenna Lee (Fox News) – Lee is easily one of the most stunning redheads in broadcast news, TV journalism’s answer to actress Amy Adams.  Lee is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Global and International Studies with emphasis on politics and socioeconomics. She also holds a Master of Science degree in Journalism from Columbia University. She had a double major in college and worked 30 hours a week during this time.  Lee also played Women’s College Softball while at UC Santa Barbara during the 1999 season.  So, the auburn-haired news anchor is a true triple-threat of beauty, brains and athleticism although we tend to focus on the first aspect of the three.


2) Amy Robach (ABC) – while selecting Robach as the number 2 hottest news anchor could draw the ire of Paul M. Banks and perhaps other purists of the female news anchor form, Robach does possess one major chink in her armor and that is her husband Andrew Shue, otherwise known as Billy from the Fox Network’s 1990s hit show Melrose Place.  We’re sorry, Amy, butMelrose Place purists could only stand so much of Billy’s open-mouth stares, although we’re sure he’s quite the nice guy.  Robach is a correspondent for ABC News.  Previously, she was a national correspondent for NBC News, co-host of the Saturday edition of NBC’s Today and anchor on MSNBC.  She currently is the primary substitute anchor on ABC’s Good Morning America while anchor Robin Roberts is on medical leave. She rotateswith 20/20anchor Elizabeth Vargas.  She graduated from the University ofGeorgia with high honors in Broadcast Journalism.  Most notably, for our purposes, Robach was a 4th runner up in the Miss Georgia pageant in 1994.


1) Christi Paul (CNN) – This choice may take many by surprise but for those who have ever watched Ms. Paul on HLN or CNN, particularly those segments in which she shows off one of the most spectacular female forms, not to mention her cover model looks, this choice is more than defensible.  Ms. Paul is a weekday news anchor for HLN and TruTV’s In Session where she currently anchors afternoons.  Paul attended the University of Toledo, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and where she has been honored by the Department of Communication as an Outstanding Alumna.   She is a former Miss Mansfield (Ohio); Miss Greater Cleveland, 1991–92; and third runner up to Miss Ohio, 1993.  She is also a noted singer, having performed the national anthem prior to professional sporting events and collaborates with country music star Martina McBride.  She has also authored a new book, “Love Isn’t Supposed To Hurt” which dealt with a painful first marriage and the abuse she suffered during that time.  But, in our view, Ms. Paul is a multiple threat beauty that captivates our attention to the day’s headlines.

Honorable Mention female news anchors according to thesportsbank:  Kiran Chetry – Kiran would have easily made our Top 5 had it not been for her being out of the national view for the past year and a half; Ainsley Earhardt – her lack of overall exposure was the only reason she didn’t make the Top 10; Elizabeth Vargas – she truly exemplifies the mantle of ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for her stunning-ness; Norah O’Donnell – a striking beauty who is known more for her journalism than as a temptress; Juliet Huddy – stunning, yes but those three very brief marriages and divorces?  Ouch baby, very ouch!

Honorable, honorable mention!

Kimberly Guilfoyle.

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