Ellen DeGeneres is making some serious coin and dropping some serious coin.. Case in point, the talk show host just purchased one of the most prestigious properties in all of California, if not the world.. The Brody House.ellen_h


The amazing mansion, sitting in one of the richest areas of L.A., goes by the moniker “The Brody House” real estate sources told TMZ.

Ellen paid a staggering $39,888,000 for the property.

As for what she got … it’s a lot. It sits on 2.3 acres. The main house is 13,511 square feet with 6 bedrooms, 9 1/2 bathrooms. It has a pool, pool house, gym, spa, and tennis court.

It’s considered the most iconic modern estate in all of L.A. Ellen is really into design and architecture, so this fits the bill.

Ellen also sold her nearby estate for $21 Mil. She paid $17.4 mil last year.

Ellen was repped by uber-real estate agent Kurt Rappaport.



Wow! What do you think of Ellen’s new digs?