Disturbing details are emerging over George Zimmerman’s relationship with Samantha Scheibe. Mediaite is reporting, Scheibe, 27, claims Zimmerman sent “a still image from an intimate home video of Scheibe and Zimmerman” to Scheibe’s young daughter.
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According to Sandoval, Samantha Scheibe and her mother, Hope Mason, have been in touch with him for several weeks, long before Monday’s arrest thrust Zimmerman back into the national spotlight.


“Scheibe and her mother, Hope Mason, spoke with Local 6 on and off through text messages and phone calls over the past three weeks as they talked about participating in an on camera interview about Scheibe’s relationship with Zimmerman,” Sandoval reports, but was first seeking a national interview. “Mason said she hoped by Scheibe doing the interview, she would force Zimmerman to get help – and the attention would keep Scheibe safe,” Sandoval reported.

Sandoval confirmed, in an email to Mediaite, that Scheibe and Mason “tell me they will not appear on camera without being paid… period.”

“Just last Thursday, Mason was still seeking a national interview. But this time she was promising both George Zimmerman and Samantha Scheibe.”