Troubled pretty boy, Zac Efron, managed to accomplish the unthinkable, breaking his jaw and in the process slashing his once unmarred face – in a freak fall while at home.

As a result, Efron’s jaw is wired shut after apparently slipping in a puddle of water at his home, but the big news is the actor managed to cut his money maker, his face, badly enough to require a bunch of stitches..


TMZ says,

in addition to the broken jaw, Zac apparently also suffered a big ol’ gash that had to be closed with stitches.

Maybe it’s true, but it’s a very weird story … slipping and breaking your jaw in a puddle of water.

We’re told Zac — who has been a hard partier for years — has been struggling to stay clean.

Sources say the laceration (and eventual scar,) is located on a part of Efron’s face that will “dramatically change his look forever.”

Dear Zac, when your downward spiral leaves your face a bloody mess, that’s the time to get up and get your priorities straight.