Incognito becomes NFL’s No. 1 villain.. Who knew that Richie Incognito was such an a-hole bully? Just about every team he has ever played.. Including his college days.. Just have a look at his record!Richie-Incognito_1353270_large_medium



Fall 2002: Ejected from Nebraska’s game against Penn State for fighting. Was suspended for the first half of a game against Iowa State the following week.

Spring 2003: Suspended by former Nebraska coach Frank Solich for unspecified reasons.

Feb. 2004: Charged with three counts of assault stemming from a fight at a party. Found guilty of one misdemeanor assault charge after a three-day trial and paid a $500 fine.

Sept. 2004: Suspended from Nebraska. Withdrew from university two weeks later. Two weeks after leaving Nebraska, enrolled at Oregon.

Oct. 2004: Kicked off Oregon team. Coach Mike Bellotti said he failed to meet certain conditions.


Training camp 2006: Got into an altercation with Rams cornerback Dwight Anderson. The 6-foot-3, 320-pound Incognito and the 5-foot-10, 180-pound Anderson had to be separated twice.

Nov. 2008: Criticized fans for not knowing how or when to cheer for a team that was 2-8 at the time. Taunted fans who were booing him during a game against the Bears.

2009: Was named “NFL’s dirtiest player” in a Sporting News poll of 99 players. That season, twice head-butted Titans players, and engaged in a verbal altercation with head coach Steve Spagnuolo. Was released two days later. After being released by St. Louis, he finished the year in Buffalo then signed with the Dolphins.

Sept. 2012: Criticized by Houston’s Antonio Smith for dirty play. During a preseason game in 2013, an enraged Smith swung his helmet after being incited by Incognito, which earned Smith a three-week suspension.

June 2013: Involved in an altercation in Miami night club that led to a trespass warning.

Summer 2013: When talking about his time in St. Louis, admitted to “I mean, we’d have practice the next morning, and I’m out until all hours of the night, running the town. Drinking. Doing drugs. I was doing everything that a professional athlete should not be doing.”