It was supposed to be a fun day of paintballing but drama ensued as Brad and Angelina’s eldest son Maddox Pitt was on-scene after a man attempted to steal the Jolie-Pitt’s family iPad from their SUV! The man, who wore gloves, was apprehended and arrested!

11-year-old Maddox had arrived at the Hollywood Sports Paintball Park in Bellflower, California, when passers-by saw a man attempting to steal the item. Witnesses saw the unidentified man don black gloves and enter the SUV vehicle to remove an iPad that was labeled ‘family’. Local security and police arrested the man on the scene before he could get away with the piece of equipment. Meanwhile, Maddox, who was seen wearing a balaclava and camouflage clothing, had been accompanied to the park by a bodyguard.