I understand the fact that the brothers who are the driving force behind the Stone Temple Pilots are totally pissed off at Scott Weiland, but taking it to the level of a federal court is just way too inappropriate..

After all, Scott did start the band, and if he wants to end it (endlessly) by sabotaging it (again) then so be it..



The boys claim Scott screwed then out of millions of tour dollars and now they’ve decided to level the worst kind of consequences for a druggy like Scott, a mandatory show-up date in court..

The messed up thing is that it WAS the band’s 20th anniversary, which means they all had BIG plans to sell a boat load of limited merch.. But that’s kind of hard to do when your lead singer is chronically late for rehearsals and performances and promotional gigs and, well, you get the idea..

The band also claims in the lawsuit Weiland had a plan to seize all the glory, to the point he wouldn’t even communicate with band members.  They say Weiland’s plan was simple — “hijack” the tour. The band had actually fired Weiland in February and hired the lead singer of Linkin Park to replace him, but they claim Weiland got vindictive and tried to interfere with the release of its new single. Tmz.

The boys are seeking unspecified damages.