This is really scary! Imagine you get a chance to go and eat at famous Spago restaurant and the huge skylight above you crashes in 1 million pieces and falls all over you and your food! That’s exactly what happened to patrons at the Hollywood Spago just moments ago!



We joke because no one got hurt … but this is SCARY … a glass skylight panel at Spago just crumbled and dropped glass in the main dining room during lunch service.

The room was cleared — customers were moved out to the patio — and repairs are already under way.

A restaurant spy tells TMZ … the panel merely cracked and crumbled … but the safety netting inside held most of it together … only small bits of glass rained down. Again — so far NO reports of anyone getting hit.

The panels (stock image from Spago’s website above) are about the size of your average small apartment window … and are fairly new … they were part of the renovations before the hotspot’s reopening last September.

And they say there’s no breaking through Hollywood’s glass ceiling. tmz.