Jessica Simpson‘s mom Tina just settled her divorce and guess what she got control of? The bank account! Wait, did I say bank account? I meant to say 10 bank accounts! She also got the Range Rover, the Porsche and a bunch of other Joe’s stuff.. If you’re wondering about what hubby got to keep, he only got the keep half HIS stuff.



Joe gets half of their Sherman Oaks house, all his personal effects and bank accounts, the 2012 Mercedes SLS and 2011 Mercedes S63, and a bunch of stocks … including Twitter. He also gets $237,285 in an escrow account from the sale of their other L.A. home. Tina gets the house in Waco, TX, over ten bank accounts, a 2010 Range Rover Sport, 2011 Porsche 997 coupe, and other stuff. tmz

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