A Florida man was shot and injured by his best friend, as in man’s best friend – his dog! The ‘accidental’ shooting took place in the man’s truck after he had placed his dog in the shotgun position.Florida-dog-shoots-owner-Gregory-Dale-Lanier-in-leg

Gregory Dale Lanier, 35, of Florida, didn’t think much of the fact he has stowed his .38- sidearm resting on the floor of his truck, this is until his pup kicked it and fired a bullet into his leg.


“Lanier said he heard boom, saw smoke and felt a burning in his leg,” Sebring Police Cmdr. Steve Carr said.

Police did not detain the dog.

This isn’t the first time a dog has fired a weapon at their owner. In 2011, a yellow Labrador from Utah jumped onto a 12-gauge shotgun and fired 27 pellets into his owner’s buttocks. upi