Folks attempting to pick up a Django action figure on eBay got a surprise finding the controversial dolls had been officially banned from the auction website, or so say our friends at TMZ. After I did a little research I found the figures are still available on eBay, and are by no means in limited supply…

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 10.09.10 AM


If eBay really made some official policy not allowing its users to sell the controversial doll then why can you still go and find dozens of auctions? Most of the dolls bidding for thousands of dollars!


The Weinstein Company officially discontinued the controversial figurines in response to public outcry but now eBay is taking it a step further by banning the sale of the action figure outright, as if it never existed. But on my spot check there were tons of dolls still being offered.

Up until the now the slave trading toys had been selling like hotcakes on eBay being touted as “rare” collectibles, some bids reaching in the thousands of dollars and TMZ thought all that was going to change, but from what I can tell our friends better get their facts straight…