I’ve known a lot of 5-foot-7 girls who really wanted to model but couldn’t because they were simply too short… Elisany Silva at age 14 was declared the “world’s tallest teenage girl” when she hit 6 feet 9 inches… She has the same height problem, only in reverse, deemed simply too tall to model!

Fourteen-year-old Elisany Silva, who measures 2.06 meters tall, plays with her sisters and a friend on Ajuruteua beach in Braganca


Silva had to undergo surgery to stop her accelerated growth in hopes of becoming a model, but sadly, she was refused by every modeling agency cited as “too tall.”


But now that her dream of being a model is dashed, she found love with an exceptionally secure short man…


Now at 17, Silva finally found a guy big enough, to date the world’s tallest teen, and guess what? He’s only 5-foot-four-inches tall!